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Richard Morgan Carpet Services

Richard Morgan has over 35 years’ experience as a carpet fitter. Specialising in refits, Richard has also been cleaning carpets, upholstery, leather and curtains since 2002. As well as fitting and cleaning, we can carry out a wide range of repairs to damaged carpets.

No job is too small! Call 01733 511515 to get in touch.

  • Carpet Fitting
  • Carpet Refitting
  • Carpet Repairs
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Hot Water Carpet Cleaning
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Treatments
  • Carpet Protectors
  • Inspections

Carpet Fitting

Carpet Fitting

Have you purchased a carpet online that needs professionally fitting? Richard Morgan Carpet Services offers a fitting service and can supply accessories at reduced rates.  We use electronic fitting methods and supply and use gripper of the highest quality.

Carpet Refitting

If your carpet has been taken up and needs to be refitted, or if you need a carpet refitting in a different room of your property, Richard can help.

Carpet Repairs

Has your carpet suffered pet damage, got an iron mark, or is in general need of repair? Richard Morgan Carpet Services can re-join, re-stretch and repair damaged areas.

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

This carpet cleaning procedure involves a combination of hot water and cleaning agents being injected into the carpet fibres at high pressure. Dirt is lifted and removed by a powerful vacuum. Various products can also be used to sanitise the area. Carpets are renewed after a thorough deep clean.

Carpet Dry Cleaning


We use the Envirodry system for dry carpet cleaning procedures.

Dry or ‘waterless’ carpet cleaning is one of the most efficient ways to clean all types of carpet. The carpet area can be in use during and immediately after cleaning, perfect for the busy household or work environment. Results are noticeable immediately.

The Envirodry Dry Carpet Cleaning System is suitable for use on all carpet types including Wool, Sisal and Coir. Products used as part of the Envirodri Dry Carpet Cleaning System have been independently tested and approved by WoolSafe®. It uses an environmentally responsible, non-toxic and safe, 100% biodegradable cleaning compound. Fragrances available include Green Tea, White Tea, Amber Glow and Non-Fragranced.

Carpet Encapsulation Cleaning

The Carpet Encapsulation Cleaning procedure is an all-in-one treatment suitable for large areas and commercial premises due to a low moisture system where the carpet pile is cleaned. It is an environmentally friendly encapsulation polymer that will crystallise and suspend soil for easy removal when dry vacuumed off. Carpets are also deodorised and stain guarded.

Carpet Insects

Insect Irradication

Richard Morgan Carpet Services are fully trained, certified and compliant with COPR (Control of Pesticide Regulations 1986) requirements. If you find insects such as moths, fleas or beetles in your carpets, we can treat them.

Carpet Protectors

We are happy to apply protectors to your carpets at any time.

Carpet Inspections

If you have a problem with your carpet, Richard Morgan Carpet Services have over 35 years’ experience in the carpet industry and we will be able to inspect your carpet and advise of the best solution. Richard is a WoolSafe® registered independent carpet inspector.

Carpet Colour Correction

Carpets are vulnerable to discolouration from everyday spillages, whether it be food, drink or pet accidents. Whichever situation, Richard Morgan Carpet Services can correct the colour of your carpets.


(all prices include VAT at current rate)

  • Carpet fitting £2.50 per m² with a minimum charge of £30
  • Carpet and customers own underlay fitted £3.00m²
  • Joins £10
  • Repairs from £30
  • Inspections from £50
  • Carpet cleaning from £30
  • Carpet grippers supplied and fitted at £1 per length
  • Door bars supplied and fitted at £3 for a standard length
  • £30 surcharge for stairs
  • Underlay fitted and supplied from £3 m²


Prices are based on the old flooring having been lifted and the room clear of all furniture upon arrival. The moving of furniture is available upon request. We are unable to dispose of the old carpet and offcuts; these will be left neatly in a bag for you.

Additional work will be charged as extra on the day. We will only fit professional products and in particular, grippers supplied by ourselves.

We reserve the right to refuse any job at our discretion without reason.

Payment Terms

Payment is due immediately on completion of any work. We accept card, bank transfer, cash or cheque.

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